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AW Bali Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency initially started by I Wayan Adisthana Wijaya as the founder who has an educational background as a Bachelor of Informatics Engineering. Adisthana Wijaya started to establish AW Bali Digital in the beginning of 2012 where the website was still focused on blogging and the discussion of website issues. Then finally, it started to focus on Digital Marketing Agency and formed a team where its members are adapted to their own fields of expertise. As the time flew, we have also grown our experiences in running this Digital Marketing Agency. We were born with only 1 platform in 2016, but now we have had more than 7 platforms and will continue to grow. We do not only create platforms, but we definitely meet your digital marketing needs, from Web Design and Development, Social Media to Management Graphic Design.



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Web Developer


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Social Media Specialist

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